Gallery #1.
Historic Photos

Antioch East Baptist Church Elders have shared their historic photos.

Gallery #2.
Family Gatherings

Descendant Antioch East Families embrace the Legacy Markers.

Gallery #3. Community Engagement

Awesome volunteers rally to install new Legacy Markers in Candler Park.

Gallery # 4.
In Memoriam




















Latimore descendents

The Latimore family is featured on Site #2 Legacy Marker. In 1893, they were pioneers in the African American Community on Rose Hill in the Mayson Ave. Subdivision of early Edgewood-Candler Park. This photo represents six generations of the Latimore family (photo courtesy of William Read & George Nikas).

Latimore descendents

Mother Phoebe Luckie Crockett is featured on Site #3 Legacy Marker. She was an early neighborhood resident who sponsored children’s activities at the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge. This photo represents five descendent generations of M. Crockett’s family (photo courtesy of Dwayne Holmes).

Antioch bench families

Members of several Antioch East Baptist Church families surround the Commemorative Bench at Site #4 Legacy Marker. Their families belonged to the first wooden church during Antioch’s early years at this site, 1877-1916 (photo courtesy of Edith Kelman).

Antioch bench supporters

Descendants of Antioch (East) Baptist Church 1874 founding families – Howard, Lattimore, & Patterson – join with Site #4 Legacy Marker sponsors, Candler Park neighbors. They are working together with the BiRacial History Project to document Antioch’s ancestral neighborhood (photo courtesy of Allie Goolrick).

Latimore - Emory

Latimore Family Siblings recall growing up in Edgewood/Candler Park in an interview with Emory University/Transforming Community students, at the Old Stone Church, 2010 (photo courtesy of George Nikas).