Gallery #1.
Historic Photos

Antioch East Baptist Church Elders have shared their historic photos.

Gallery #2.
Family Gatherings

Descendant Antioch East Families embrace the Legacy Markers.

Gallery #3. Community Engagement

Awesome volunteers rally to install new Legacy Markers in Candler Park.

Gallery # 4.
In Memoriam






















2011, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization presented Antioch East Baptist Church a Proclamation of Welcome Return to Antioch’s ancestral neighborhood of 1874 thru 1950 (photo courtesy of Wilj Sturkey).

Bench work

2012, History Project friends doing maintenance at Antioch’s First Church Site Commemorative Bench on Oakdale Road (photo courtesy of Edith Kelman ).


2013, Atlanta Shambhala Center members clean History Project Markers on
ML King Jr Day of Service
(photo courtesy of Edith Kelman ).

Walking tour

2014, History Project Walking Tours, in partnership with Atlanta Preservation Center Phoenix Flies Annual Celebration (photo courtesy of Edith Kelman ).

Latimore descendents

2014, A group of neighborhood volunteers gathered to replace two of our African American Legacy Markers, damaged by auto accidents; this one at the former site of the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge(Photo courtesy of Edith Kelman).

Antioch bench supporters

2014, Thanks to the BiRacial History Project’s partners, a Park Pride grant, a grant from the Mayor’s office, Kissberg Construction, and our awesome neighborhood volunteers, these Legacy Markers once again provide passersby with valuable information, telling stories of the African American community and residents who once thrived in Candler Park. (Photo courtesy of Bonnie Palter)

Shannon ClarkRuby Beth

Shannon Lois Clark                             Ruby-Beth Buitekant

2016, The Shannon L. Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund. It is our hope that holding up these two young women of exceptional academic and social justice engagement encourages meaningful connections for healing and a more just future.

Civil Bikes

2017, Our partnership with Nedra Deadwyler of Civil Bikes adds to our annual History Tours offerings with the Phoenix Flies Celebration of Atlanta’s historic sites through the Atlanta Preservation Center.