Gallery #1.
Historic Photos

Antioch East Baptist Church Elders have shared their historic photos.

Gallery #2.
Family Gatherings

Descendant Antioch East Families embrace the Legacy Markers.

Gallery #3. Community Engagement

Awesome volunteers rally to install new Legacy Markers in Candler Park.

Gallery # 4.
In Memoriam




















Antioch East Congrgation 1948

Antioch East Baptist Church members on the steps of their hand-built sanctuary – the Old Stone Church – in Candler Park, 1948. Notice holes in stained glass windows, said to be from golf balls, rocks, & other projectiles (photo courtesy of Mrs. Sophie Carey).

Antioch East Choirs 1948

Antioch East Baptist Church Choirs, Old Stone Church, 1940s. 
Notice ‘scales of justice’ in right window
(photo courtesy of Mrs. Miriam Clark).

Antioch East Congrgation 1948

Antioch East Baptist Church members’ wedding in the Old Stone Church, 1948 (photo courtesy of Antioch East families).

Miss Mattie Carey, 1945

Miss Mattie Carey (Howard) on steps at the Old Stone Church, 1945
(photo courtesy of Mrs. Mattie C. Howard).

Historic bell

Old Bell was at Antioch East Baptist Church (Old Stone Church)
in Candler Park, 1923-1950
(photo by Edith Kelman).

Bell today

Old Bell today, at Antioch East Baptist Church, Hardee St. in Edgewood
(photo by Edith Kelman).

OSC 1977

Old Stone Church, bought from Candler Park Improvement Corp. by
Phoenix Unitarian Fellowship; renovated 1977-1980
(photographer unknown).

OSC, basement

Old Stone Church basement – digging out lower level to make finished basement for BOND Childcare, 1978 (photographer unknown).