Marker #1.
Old Stone Church

470 Candler Park Drive. 1918-1950, Antioch East Baptist Church. From 1980, First Existentialist Congregation.
Marker installed 2007.

Marker #2.
Rose Hill

Corner of McLendon Ave. and Candler Park Drive.
1892-1942, site of Rose Hill/Mayson Subdivision. Marker installed 2010.

Marker #3. Evening Star Lodge

Candler Park Drive at
Miller Ave. 1893-1942, site of the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge. Marker installed 2010.

Marker #4.
Antioch (East) Baptist Church

420 Oakdale Road.
1877-1916, original site of Antioch (East) Baptist Church.
Marker installed 2013.

Marker #5.
Hooper Street

Hooper St. off Oakdale Road. 1882-1980's. Marker being planned.

Marker #6.
Mary Lin School

586 Candler Park Drive.
Built late 1920's, but not open to African-American children until 1965.
Brick placed 2009.

Mary Linn School brick

Marker #6. Mary Lin School

Mary Lin Elementary School and the BiRacial History Project are working together to develop a Local History Curriculum compatible with Georgia Performance Standards that connects students, families, and staff with the diverse history of the Lin neighborhood.  By exploring the history of the Candler Park neighborhood, Mary Lin teachers can relate their instruction to real life experiences for the students. Students and families can investigate their neighborhood as local history detectives.

In support of this developing curriculum and neighborhood engagement at Lin, the History Project is providing a research-based "Local History Collection" for the Lin Media Center. Primary and secondary resource materials are organized in a friendly, color-coded notebook format available to students and teachers, families and neighbors. These materials will become the first collection in Lin's  Local History Resource Center for school and community use.