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Site #1.
Old Stone Church

{at right)

Site #2. Rose Hill

Site of the African American community of Rose Hill/Mayson Ave. Subdivision, 1892-1942.

Site #3.
Evening Star Lodge

Site of the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge, 1893-1942, serving the surrounding Black Community.

Site #4.
Antioch (East) Baptist Church

Original site of the Antioch (East) Baptist Church, 1877-1916.

Site #5.
Hooper St.

An African American enclave from 1880s to 1980s. Many Antioch East Baptist Church Elders were born and lived on this street.

Site #6.
Mary Lin School

Public elementary school built late 1920s, but not open to African American children until 1965.

Antioch East Baptist Church Members ca 1950

Antioch East Baptist Church members at the Old Stone Church in 1948.

Site #1. The Old Stone Church

Located at 470 Candler Park Dr. N.E., the original 50-ft. x 110-ft. lot was purchased by Antioch East Baptist Church Trustees in 1918 from member Joe A. Hill; the street was then called Mayson Ave. North. The Antioch East Congregation hand-built the Stone Church with granite from Stone Mountain between 1918 and 1922, after their first wooden church on old Whitefoord Ave. North (today’s Oakdale Rd.) burned to the ground in 1916.

Antioch East was a vital presence in the Old Stone Church until 1950, when Antioch sold the sanctuary on its single land lot and moved south of the railroad tracks to today’s Edgewood Community.

A private, Caucasian-only corporation, called both the Candler Park Improvement Corporation and the Candler Park (Men’s) Civic Club, bought the building and made it their official clubhouse. During its time in the building, the corporation removed the bell housing, baptismal pool, and the stained glass windows. It also acquired four adjacent land lots that were included with the sale of the Old Stone Church in 1977 to Phoenix Unitarian Fellowship.

In 1980, the First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta secured the mortgage from Phoenix Unitarian. Today, First E maintains its commitment to human liberation, diversity, and responsible stewardship of the Old Stone Church.
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Antioch East Baptist Church is now located at 1223 Hardee St. in the Edgewood Community. In 2013, Antioch is thriving in the 139th year since its founding in early Edgewood-Candler Park.