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Site #1.
Old Stone Church

Second Sanctuary of Antioch (East) Baptist Church, 1918-1950. Since 1980, home to the First Existentialist Congregation.

Site #2. Rose Hill

Site of the African American community of Rose Hill/Mayson Ave. Subdivision, 1892-1942.

Site #3.
Evening Star Lodge

Site of the Edgewood Evening Star Lodge, 1893-1942, serving the surrounding Black Community.

Site #4.
Antioch (East) Baptist Church

Original site of the Antioch (East) Baptist Church, 1877-1916.

Site #5.
Hooper Street

An African American enclave from 1880s to 1980s. Many Antioch East Baptist Church Elders were born and lived on this street.

Site #6.
Mary Lin School

Public elementary school built late 1920s, but not open to African American children until 1965.

Walking Map

Yellow tone marks houses where African American families lived in 1930s.

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